All horse camping is in the designated Horse Camping Area.  This area is convenient to bathhouses and trails and is a beautiful natural setting for camping.

All horses must be accompanied by proof of a negative Coggins test (EIA) conducted within the past (12) months.  Documents should clearly identify your horses.  State law requires us to refuse admission to horse owners who do not have negative Coggins test (EIA) reports. Health Certificate or Multi-State Passport required for out of state horses.

Please do not use the meadow area for horseback riding.  You are more than welcome to use the Farmfield (behind the Pinefield) for horseback riding. (Please see park map available in the office.)

We ask that our trees be preserved by not tying horses to them.  When forced to tie in and around the trees, always cross tie your horses in such a way as to prohibit any damage from chewing and/or pawing by the horse.  If a tree is damaged by doing so, you will be assessed a $150.00 charge.

We want to continue making our park a safe place for all campers, so please, no rough riding or racing.

No horseback riding after Sundown.

There is to be no multiple riders on a horse.

There is to be no horseback riding on any of the paved roads. However, crossing the paved road to get to the trail is allowed at designated horse crossings.

If your horse kicks, you must tie a red ribbon on the horse’s tail.

All riders are required to wear a helmet.

Trails are marked with signs as to which ones are available for horseback riding.  Please be on the lookout for golf carts, hikers, bikes and wildlife.

The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park makes every effort to ensure safe trail riding.  However, we cannot assume any liability for personal injuries, livestock injuries, or equipment damage.

Equine waste must be cleaned up and deposited in the designated manure disposal sites.  A charge of $25.00 will be assessed if we have to clean the campsite area or stalls.

We hope that everyone has an enjoyable time during his or her stay at our park.  Be sure to pick up a calendar of events from the office.

The minimum age limit for riders is ages 12 and over.

Revised:  6/22/16 Cma

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