Some pets (dogs and cats only) may be allowed. Upon check-in, proof of current rabies vaccination is required for all pets. All pets must wear an ID tag with the owner’s name. Pets should never be left alone. Pets may be walked, but must be kept under control on a leash no longer than six (6) feet. You must pick up your pet’s droppings and dispose of them properly. Excessive barking or aggressive conduct will require you to immediately remove the animal from the Park. Pets are not allowed during special events and festivals. Service animals are allowed in public areas of the Park whenever the Park is open to the public; however, all service dogs must be either leased or under the owner’s control at all times, and must display proof of a current rabies vaccination.

During music festivals at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park and Campground, dogs and other pets create problems. Accordingly, the Park rules prohibit pets. Next time you plan to visit Spirit of the Suwannee for a music festival, or special event, please DO NOT BRING YOUR PET! You will either be refused entry to the Park, or will be required to leave without a refund if you and your pet are found. If you have a legal service dog, you are welcome to bring it so long as it wears a tag showing that it has a recent, active, anti-rabies vaccination. You must also check your service dog in when you arrive at the Park so it can be properly credentialed.

  • Pets are to be on a leash when not in camper or in the pet friendly cabins
  • Pets are to be cleaned up after at all times
  • When staying in pet friendly cabins there is an additional pet fee of $25 a day per pet
  • If the pet causes any damage while staying in a pet friendly cabin there will be a minimum of $200.00 damage fee applied to the customer’s credit card to cover clean-up and/or damage
  • If a pet is found in a non-pet designated cabin, the owner will be automatically charged $200.00 fine even if no apparent damage has been done. (Costs for additional furniture cleaning and flea issues.)